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CapeDwarf is an open-source alternative to Google App Engine, allowing you to run applications written for the Google App Engine on the WildFly Application Server without modification.

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  • Ales Justin Jan 06, 2015 Managed VMs, warmup request, HTTP session handling and WildFly 8.2.0.Final

    It’s been a while since our last release. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy....

  • Ales Justin Sep 23, 2014 Concurrent transactions, their tests and fixes

    While playing with some Endpoints GAE example app, I noticed our non-XG transactions weren’t following the concurrent threads limits — only one transaction per entity group allowed. This quickly shows how you easily miss things when you don’t have proper tests....

  • Ales Justin Aug 05, 2014 New CapeDwarf 2.0.0.CR3, with few small tweaks

    With World Cup and summer vacation finally behind us, it’s time to do a new CapeDwarf release. This time it only includes a few minor fixes, and of course a GAE version update....

  • Ales Justin May 26, 2014 CapeDwarf (finally) gets cron support!

    I’m actually surprised on how I was able to miss the cron support for so long, or how come none of the users complained. :-) It finally caught my attention when I needed it in one of my sandbox apps, that I realised that we have completely forgotten about it — though it’s been around forever....

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