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CapeDwarf Documentation

CapeDwarf Documentation

User Documentation

Follow these two guides to setup and configure CapeDwarf.

Getting Started

This is a three step guide on how to download and install CapeDwarf and run your existing AppEngine applications on it.

User Guide

Once you have installed CapeDwarf, refer to the User Guide for specific instructions on how to configure and use CapeDwarf. The information in the User Guide is all you need if you are simply using CapeDwarf to deploy your applications on it, and not actually building CapeDwarf from source.

Developer Documentation

If you are planning on building CapeDwarf from source, please refer to the CapeDwarf GitHub README for instructions.

Other documentation

Make sure to check the FAQ. You can also find some additional documentation on our community page.

If everything else fails, you can always contact us on #capedwarf on Freenode. See Get Help.

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