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CapeDwarf 1.0.0.Beta4 is out!

CapeDwarf 1.0.0.Beta4 is out!

CapeDwarf 1.0.0.Beta4 is out!

Continuing with our monthly releases, we’re happy to announce new 1.0.0.Beta4 release.

  • all logging data was moved into separate cache,

  • enabled metadata handling,

  • default cache is now “SYNC” by default (which made MapReduce tests very happy :-)),

  • we put back legacy factory transformers - which means older GAE API versions now again work to some extent,

  • Velocity is jarjar-ed - so it doesn’t conflict with your version anymore,

  • we support static files handling - you don’t hit your filters and listeners anymore,

  • datastore queries now run sync as well, cluster wide - thanks Sanne, Dan and Infinispan co.,

  • and a bunch of other small tweaks.

CapeDwarf team will be at this year’s Google I/O’ Sandbox! Make sure you drop by for a chat, demo and a nice T-shirt.

Also be careful you don’t miss the exciting surprise announcement!

Ales Justin

Ales Justin was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia and graduated with a degree in mathematics from the University of Ljubljana. He fell in love with Java long ago and has spent most of his time developing information systems, ranging from customer service to energy management. He joined JBoss in 2006 to work full time on the Microcontainer project. He currently leads CapeDwarf project, while still contributing to ApplicationServer, Weld, Ceylon and many other JBoss projects.

Location:  Vrhnika, Slovenia

Occupation:  JBoss CapeDwarf Lead

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